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Acupunture Alternative Medicine healing

With roots in traditional Chinese medicine spanning millennia, acupuncture has evolved into a potent force for holistic healing. This ancient practice revolves around the belief in the body's innate ability to self-heal. By stimulating specific points along energy pathways, or meridians, acupuncturists aim to restore balance and promote the free flow of vital energy, or Qi, recognizing health as a harmonious interplay of physical, mental, and spiritual elements. Versatility defines acupuncture, proving effective for an array of health concerns, from chronic pain conditions to stress-related issues. Through the gentle insertion of thin needles, acupuncture initiates positive effects like the release of endorphins and the reduction of inflammation. Beyond symptom management, many turn to acupuncture proactively, enhancing overall health and preventing future imbalances, aligning seamlessly with the holistic well-being trend. Acupuncture's positive impact extends beyond physical improvements to mental clarity, emotional balance, and increased vitality. As a complementary practice to modern medicine, its non-invasive nature and minimal side effects make it a safe and accessible option for all ages. In the realm of holistic healthcare, acupuncture stands as a beacon of positive healing, weaving its ancient influence into the fabric of contemporary well-being. Alternative Medicine at its best!

Needles in the body acupucunture

We are committed to upholding exceptional quality standards. Acupunctureworld serves as the online retail arm of the well-established acupuncture needle manufacturer, asiamed, which was established in 1989 by doctors with the objective of supplying the highest quality acupuncture needles. Similar to asiamed, acupunctureworld prioritizes a commitment to excellence. In our online store, you can explore a range of premium products for acupuncture and related therapies, catering to various preferences and budgets. Our foremost concern is the health and safety of individuals, and our mission is to be your trusted partner in patient care. We prioritize customer satisfaction, ensuring that even though you make online purchases at acupunctureworld, you receive attentive support. Our team is available Monday through Friday from 8:00 to 16:30 to address your inquiries or resolve any issues via email or phone. Assistance is provided in German, English, Italian, French, and Spanish. We are dedicated to serving you. Embracing diversity, our team hails from the USA, France, Italy, Spain, China, and Germany. This rich blend of cultures, languages, and skills is the cornerstone of our success and fuels our passion for the field of acupuncture. We proudly affirm: We are a cohesive team! We love alternative medicine!

Established in 2013, Acurea USA is your comprehensive online destination catering to acupuncture clinics. We proudly supply practitioners of Acupuncture, Doctors of Oriental and Chinese Medicine, and Herbal Practitioners with a diverse range of products essential for their practices. Headquartered in vibrant Las Vegas, NV USA, we are committed to offering a seamless shopping experience with prompt and flexible shipping services. Orders are processed swiftly, ensuring you receive your supplies on time. While we don't offer in-store pick-up at our Las Vegas warehouse, local customers can expect next-business-day delivery. Our customer-centric approach emphasizes excellent service. If you encounter any issues with a product or order, please reach out, and we'll promptly address your concerns. We value customer feedback and invite you to share your insights with us. What sets us apart is our commitment to providing unique brands sourced directly from manufacturers. This direct relationship enables us to offer brands not found elsewhere and ensures a deep understanding of the manufacturing processes behind our needle brands and other items. As the Master Distributor in the USA for many needle brands, including DANA, Acurea, Asiamed, TeWa, Aculux, and Aculine, we take pride in our exclusive selection. Additionally, we are the exclusive distributor for the Three Treasures product line by Giovanni Maciocia and the Myconutri mushroom extracts by Martin Powell. At Acurea USA, giving back is part of our ethos. We actively support easily accessible acupuncture through donations and have collaborated with organizations such as Acupuncturists Without Borders, NADA, Acupuncture for Disaster Relief, and Community Acupuncturists. As a women and immigrant family-owned company, we strive to be inclusive of all. If your organization is engaged in meaningful work, we welcome the opportunity to support your goals—reach out to us for assistance in making a positive impact.

Since 2002, Acudepot, a subsidiary of Marknew Products, has been a leading provider of medical supplies and equipment, serving around 30,000 healthcare practices and facilities worldwide. As a specialty direct marketer and distributor, we have gained a reputation for delivering a diverse range of products at competitive prices while maintaining unparalleled customer service. Our clientele spans various healthcare professionals and institutions, including acupuncturists, chiropractors, massage therapists, medical doctors, schools, colleges, and universities. Through a multi-channel approach, we engage with our customers via direct mail, industry-specialized telephone support, field sales representatives, and the Internet. At Acudepot, we pride ourselves on being "The Supply Experts" in the medical market. Our dedicated and highly trained telephone support staff, along with field sales representatives, embody our customer-centered philosophy. We stay attuned to industry competition and trends within our core markets, ensuring that we continue to provide the value and quality service that our customers have come to expect. As a trusted name in the field, we remain committed to meeting the diverse needs of healthcare practitioners and facilities.

AcuWarehouse is your premier destination for discounted Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) supplies and accessories, offering a diverse range of new, unique, and exclusive products. If the items you seek aren't available on our website, we provide personalized assistance through phone, fax, or email to ensure you get what you need. Our commitment is to make your ordering experience seamless, and we're always ready to assist you. Founded in 1992, UPC Medical Supplies, Inc. has been a trusted name in supplying quality products at consistently low prices in the United States and worldwide. We firmly believe in the effectiveness of naturopathic healing for a healthy lifestyle, earning us the highest A+ rating among practitioners in the field. Our extensive product line includes acupuncture supplies, herbal supplements, chiropractic supplies, physical therapeutic products, and items for general clinic medical, as well as massage, spa, and salon novelties. As a Los Angeles, California-based import and wholesale distribution company, our mission is to provide acupuncturists, chiropractors, and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) students with high-quality needles and supplies at competitive prices. Our product range encompasses acupuncture needles, herbal supplements, moxa, cupping devices, TDP lamps, and herbal processing equipment. Choosing UPC means benefitting from our over 23 years of expertise in acupuncture needles and supplies. At UPC, we prioritize the safety of acupuncture needles, making it the number one concern among acupuncturists. Our direct relationship with overseas manufacturers gives us control over the supply chain, ensuring the quality and safety of our products. With FDA registration and adherence to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards, we deliver reliable and safe supplies to our customers. Our business pledge revolves around building long-term relationships, meticulous quality control, active listening to customer feedback, and handling product support to enhance customer satisfaction. We are dedicated to continuous improvement at the manufacturer level to meet and exceed the expectations of our valued partners.

Acu-Market stands as a family-owned and operated business with a profound commitment to customer care. Established in 2000, our mission is to provide practitioners and students with a one-stop source for all their acupuncture, herbal, homeopathic, and supplement supplies. Over the years, we have evolved into one of the largest suppliers of these products in the United States. Notably, our products are exclusively available through licensed healthcare practitioners and students, and we do not sell to the general public. As the sole and exclusive US Importers of Peace™, Energy Flo®, Shunli®, and SMC™ acupuncture needles, we take pride in being innovators in how we serve our customers. Acu-Market has been at the forefront of the industry by being one of the first companies to embrace online product sales. Our dedication to environmental sustainability is evident in our use of recycled boxes and our conscious decision to abstain from printing paper catalogs. Instead, we offer an efficient and user-friendly online ordering experience, ensuring that you can swiftly and conveniently order your supplies. At Acu-Market, we believe in earning your business by consistently providing top-notch service. We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to cater to your supply needs, contributing to the prosperity of your practice.

Over the past four decades, AcuMedic has rightfully earned its reputation as a trailblazer in the modernization and integration of Chinese Medicine in the West. Internationally renowned, AcuMedic has grown into the most respected European organization for individuals involved in Chinese Medicine. Unlike others who may have joined the expansion of Chinese Medicine later, AcuMedic has been at the forefront since the beginning, dedicated to raising awareness and integrating Chinese Medicine into Western healthcare. Our commitment is to offer everyone interested or involved in Chinese Medicine expert resources, products, and services, coupled with impeccable customer service. AcuMedic incorporates several key components: a Professional Supplies Department providing an extensive range of Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine, and complementary health products and books; a world-renowned Medical Clinic offering Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Massage, and Cosmetology services; the AcuMedic Foundation sponsoring CMIR diploma courses in all aspects of the authentic system of Chinese Medicine, accredited by leading Universities in China; a Research Department sponsoring research in the latest developments in Chinese Medicine and communicating these advancements with our customers; and a Legislative Department dedicated to furthering the integration of safe and effective Chinese Medicine into Western healthcare systems for the benefit of public health. At AcuMedic, our simple promise is to provide unparalleled resources, products, and services to anyone interested or involved in Chinese Medicine, along with exceptional customer service.

Boen Healthcare Co., Ltd, situated in Suzhou Industrial Park, stands as a prominent manufacturer specializing in medical, surgical, and laboratory products. The comprehensive range includes gynecology and maternity products, IV products, anesthesia, respiratory and urology products, exam and diagnostic products, hygienic and protective products, wound dressing, acupuncture, laboratory, and pharmaceutical products. Notably, a significant portion of the product line holds CE certification, emphasizing the commitment to quality and safety. Boen Healthcare is dedicated to providing OEM and ODM services, offering a complete supply chain management solution. This encompasses design and research, raw material procurement, production, packaging, quality inspection and control, stock management, and worldwide logistics. The company is adept at tailoring services to meet individual customer requirements, ensuring a prompt and personalized approach. By streamlining processes, Boen Healthcare aims to save time, reduce costs, and deliver safe, high-quality, and competitive products to its clientele.

Kamwo Meridian Herbs has been a trusted destination for natural wellness products, acupuncture supplies, Chinese herbs, and professional services since 1973. With a commitment to serving the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) community, Kamwo Meridian Herbs provides a wide range of products and services to support holistic health and well-being. Explore our offerings and experience the benefits of TCM for your natural wellness journey.

For over four decades, we have been dedicated to supporting healthcare practitioners as a trusted resource. Our company's evolution over the years has not changed our simple mission: treating customers like family, offering an extensive selection of equipment and supplies at the best value. With a product line featuring over 10,000 items, we have become the world's largest distributor of reconditioned adjusting tables. Looking toward the future, we understand that as a healthcare professional, you focus on healing and building lasting relationships with patients. We share this commitment, ensuring the lowest pricing and customer satisfaction today to guarantee that future generations of Chiropractors rely on ScripHessco for all their equipment and supply needs. Our core values include treating customers with respect, compassion, and care, providing our staff with the necessary training and resources for superior customer service, fostering a work environment that encourages personal and professional growth, staying active in the Chiropractic community to promote wellness initiatives, serving as an educational resource, and securing a financial return for future growth to benefit our customers, company, and team members. Thank you for choosing ScripHessco; we look forward to serving you for many years to come.

Welcome to Golden Needle Acupuncture, Herbal & Medical Supply, where we take pride in being a leading provider of top-quality acupuncture, Chinese herbs, and physician supplies. Since our establishment in 2001, we have remained committed to delivering practitioners and physicians the finest quality products. Our journey began as Thorne Sales and Distributing, and in 2003, we transitioned into Golden Needle. Throughout the years, our mission has stayed constant – to offer the highest quality products coupled with exceptional customer service. We are deeply passionate about Oriental Medicine, dedicated to nurturing and supporting your practice to its fullest potential. At Golden Needle, our staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and devoted to adding a personal touch to your experience. We consider our customers as part of the family, aiming to be the reliable family member you can always depend on. With an extensive selection of over 24,000 items from 200+ brands, we ensure that we have the products necessary to support your practice. Whether you are in search of acupuncture supplies, Chinese herbs, western herbs, nutraceuticals, homeopathics, or clinical supplies – we've got you covered! We are committed to providing numerous ordering options for your convenience, making it quick and easy to find what you need. Our website is designed to simplify your ordering process, featuring clear and concise category organization and a "Favorites" section for quick re-orders. We value your suggestions to enhance our services and products, so feel free to share your feedback with us. Our customer service department is dedicated to providing exceptional support. We are well-versed in the art of customer satisfaction and are always ready to assist you with any questions or concerns. Thank you for choosing Golden Needle Acupuncture, Herbal & Medical Supply. We appreciate your business and eagerly anticipate serving you for many years to come.

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