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Where to Purchase Acupuncture Needles in the USA

acupuncture needles USA

When seeking acupuncture needles in the United States, prioritizing safety and compliance with FDA regulations is crucial. Consider the following reliable sources and guidelines:

Licensed Suppliers: Look for licensed acupuncture suppliers and distributors specializing in acupuncture products. These companies typically offer various acupuncture needles, providing access to different types and sizes.

Online Retailers: Numerous reputable online retailers specialize in acupuncture supplies. When making online purchases, ensure the retailer is well-established, provides detailed product information, and offers FDA-cleared acupuncture needles. We have been serving since 2013 and are a trusted supplier to hospitals, clinics, and the VA.

Verify FDA Clearance: Confirm that the acupuncture needles you buy have FDA clearance. This information should be readily available from the supplier or manufacturer. All the needles we stock are FDA cleared.

Review State Regulations: In addition to federal regulations, some states may have specific requirements or regulations regarding acupuncture needles. Research your state's laws to ensure compliance. Regulation of Acupuncture Needles in the USA

In the United States, acupuncture needles are classified as medical devices and are subject to regulation by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The FDA categorizes acupuncture needles as Class II medical devices, imposing specific regulations to guarantee their safety and effectiveness. Each state has its own rules and regulations governing the purchase of acupuncture needles by qualified acupuncture professionals and licensed healthcare providers.



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