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Personal Wellness Assessment Test

Welcome to the Personal Wellness Assessment! This comprehensive test is designed to delve deeper into your overall wellness, including stress, sleep, diet, exercise, and other important aspects of health. Based on your responses, you'll receive suggestions for alternative medicine practices that might benefit you. Please note, this test is for informational purposes only and should not replace professional medical advice.


  • 10-15 Points: Excellent Wellness! Keep up with your healthy habits and consider deepening your practice with advanced meditation or yoga techniques.

  • 16-25 Points: Good Wellness! You have a solid foundation. Explore additional alternative medicine practices like herbal supplements or tai chi to further enhance your well-being.

  • 26-35 Points: Fair Wellness. It's time to focus more on your health. Incorporating stress management techniques and lifestyle changes can significantly improve your wellness.

  • 36-40 Points: Attention Needed. Your wellness could benefit from a comprehensive approach. Consider seeking professional guidance and exploring various alternative medicine practices.


Based on your score, here are some targeted suggestions for improving your wellness. Always consult with a healthcare professional before making significant changes to your health regimen.

  • For Stress and Emotional Health: Consider meditation, yoga, or counseling.

  • For Sleep: Try aromatherapy, relaxation techniques, or a sleep hygiene routine.

  • For Diet: Consult a nutritionist or explore herbal supplements that suit your needs.

  • For Exercise: Find an activity you enjoy, like dancing, hiking, or swimming.

  • For Social Connections: Engage in community activities or support groups.

  • For Work-Life Balance: Practice time management skills or seek professional advice.

  • For Mindfulness: Explore mindfulness apps or local meditation groups.

  • For Substance Use: Seek support from professional services or support groups.

  • For Self-Care: Schedule regular "me time" and explore hobbies or activities that bring you joy.

Remember, this assessment is just the beginning. Use your results as motivation to explore various alternative medicine practices and make positive changes towards a healthier, more balanced life. Your journey to wellness is uniquely yours, and every small step counts!



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